This tool is a breakthrough

in speech therapy to an entirely different level

Smart Mouth can illustrate and try out the positions of the tongue that could never before be shown.

Progress in Dentistry.

Progress in Speech Therapy.

Development and price.


I have been thinking about a model of oral cavity, which would improve speech therapy for 2 years. Then, with an unclear idea, I started to produce prototypes.

Then I started addressing possible prototype manufacturers until I found the right ones. Total development of about 20 prototypes lasted 3 more years. I cooperated with a team of designers, graphic designer and above all with children, whose reactions became for me a barometer of popularity of the "Smartík".

Because I did not find an investor, I went into the production of the first 240 pieces myself, although this small number is unattractive for suppliers.

The model of the oral cavity was developed and patented in the Czech Republic. Thanks to production in the EU, I can guarantee the quality and safety of all Smart Mouth components. According to the research it is the only one in the world.

References for the Smart Mouth tool.

"I recommend Smart Mouth, it is a great aid, not only do children respond to it with a smile, but spontaneously better induce the right articulation positions. It also works well for coordinating the movements of the dominant hand and tongue."

Mgr.Halka Petláková, Clinical Speech Therapist, Hustopeče, CZ

"My son liked the tool, the big mouth and tongue model with which we practiced at the speech therapists, and his willingness to cooperate was much greater than usual. Most importantly, he saw what to do with his tongue in his mouth, which made the pronunciation practice much faster and today my son has successfully finished speech therapy."

Jiřina Šimková, Čejč

"Our exercise with our speech therapist was refreshed by the Smart Mouth, moving model of the oral cavity, where the son learned to understand what is happening inside the mouth and followed a rapid shift in the exercise, which we also looked forward to much more with the aid of the tool."

Barbora Režná, Dubňany

"My son is excited about using Smart Mouth. He wanted me to buy it. Exercise is much better and more accurate with the tool and it is great fun for him too."

Ivona Blažková, Dolní Bojanovice

"Children are enthusiastic about working with Smart Mouth, they like to work with it. Much better and faster is the learning of the correct articulation positions."

Mgr. Dita Martínková, Clinical Speech Therapist, Ostrava, CZ


Price 149 €.
Freight charges not included.